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November 27, 2009
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Kawaii Faces Brushes by KeinHase Kawaii Faces Brushes by KeinHase

Attention everyone who's having problems unzipping the file!

I've made an alternate .abr version, available here. You can just download it and open the .abr file, and it will import automatically into Photoshop! Yay! ~

A remake of my first (and most popular) brush set here on dA!

It includes 24 high-res brushes - 3 different eye shapes, 7 mouth shapes and an extra eyes-only version for each of the different eyes, and also a png image of each brush so you can use it in other programs.
You can use them in photomanipulation, drawings, graphics, wherever you want! >w<

How to use these:
First, you have to unzip the .rar file using a program like WinRAR or 7Zip which you can download for free on the internet!
Photoshop users: Just open the .abr file, it will import into your Photoshop brushes automatically!
GIMP users: Put the .abr file or the png files into your brushes folder!
It's that easy! If you have problems, you can always look up tutorials on how to do this on the internet, there's plenty! :)

Works with:
Photoshop CS2 or newer (not tested with older versions, but I would be happy if anyone could!) - Doesn't work with Photoshop 7
GIMP 2.6 or newer (not tested with older versions)

:bulletyellow: It would be nice if you fave this if you use & like it! :heart:
:bulletpink: Giving credit in the description is greatly appreciated! :meow:
:bulletyellow: Commercial use is a-okay! :dummy:
:bulletpink: I'd love to see what you use this for! :la:

Stock used in the preview: [link] [link]


Q: Can I use these?
A: Of course, just go ahead! No need to ask, really! <3

Q: How do I download them?
A: On the right, right next to the picture just click on the text that says "Download File" :) Or, click this [link]

Q: I can't use them!
A: Be sure you have WinRAR or 7Zip or another zipping program installed. Then unzip the .rar file and open the .abr file :3 I don' know how it works in Gimp, just google for a tutorial :3 As said, just remember to unzip the file first.
If you're having problems unzipping the file, here's the .abr version that you can import into Photoshop right away!

Q: What fonts did you use in the preview?
A: None! It's all hand-written. :)
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